Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Language of Sleepy Dad's Recipes

Mmmm, delish.
Part of being a stay-at-home Dad is that you are responsible for all that goes into your kids mouths as well as all that comes out of them.

I will be posting recipes, occasionally, and with these I thought I'd better ensure people understand my notation. Most recipes use approximate measures and are not very scientific.  Baking, however, will be more specific (like a formula).

So this is what I say. followed by what I mean:

t = teaspoon, 1t = 5ml = 1/6 fl oz
T = tablespoon, 1T = 15ml = 1/2 fl oz
C = cup, 1C = 250ml = 8.5 fl oz
g = gram, 30g = 1oz
kg = kilogram. 1kg = 2.2lbs
ml = milliliter, 30 ml = 1fl oz
L = liter, 1L = 1 quart

Oven temperatures are always for fan forced ovens.

Viva metric!  But I will post imperial equivalents where possible.

And always, always remember: never ever put poison in a meal.

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  1. Yay for recipes! I'm pulling my hair out trying to find food both of my toddlers will eat by their own will..

    1. Toddlers are tricky little fellas when it comes to food. Here is the maiden recipe, unbaked beans, that may help, or end up all over your floor with a screaming toddler flailing their arms and legs maniacally in the slop.

      Either way, dinner was made... :)