Sunday, 19 February 2012

Surely It Can't Get Any Worse...

Some days everything goes worng.  That typo, sadly, wasn't deliberate despite its remarkable illustrative utility.  I like to call less benign personal misfortunes a "kick in the nuts."

Sometimes a sequence of mishaps occurs and you are left wondering how things could possibly get worse, that you couldn't possibly get another kick in the nuts.

And then you do.

I love these moments.  I'll be at my wits' end wondering how a situation could get worse when, out of the blue, a final kick in the nuts is delivered and there is no recourse other than laughter.

Because if you didn't laugh, you'd go insane.

The scene of the crime
When the Little Dude was 18 months old I was talking to a cluck of mothers.  They were all talking about the disaster of a deuce in the bath.  I foolishly piped up to inform them that the Little Dude had never been so  vulgar as to muddy the waters at home.

As surely as night follows day, pride begets a fall.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Service to Resume Shortly

There have been a few technical difficulties in the sleepy house lately.  Two faulty power supplies have taken down two motherboards, a hard disk and a graphics card. There was also a faulty SATA hot-swap bay causing confusion and delay to the fault-finding exercise.

Or, for the non-techies, computer go boom-boom.

Oh the machinity!
But the good news is that my main PC is now operational and there will be new posts starting in a few days.

To my most loyal reader, the Russian spam bot, hold tight!  You will be updating your database shortly.