Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Happy Birthday, Squeakmonster

This week we will celebrate a very special day: Squeaker's first birthday, and I couldn't be prouder.

A whole year of blessings has past and I am so grateful for the experience and memories.

Like her sleeping on my chest for the first few months of life; little snuggles so cute and warm.
Happy birthday, Squeakmonster

Or crawling at six months of age, insisting that the fastest way from point-A to point-B is by crawling over Daddy.

And the first time she outwitted me at just seven months old.  She had been told, repeatedly, not to pull the bath plug.  She looked up at me adorably while sucking the water out of a face washer; she got the cooing response she sought. All the while her other hand was slowly creeping to the plug behind her.  I am sure her wiles will fool me many more times over the years.

I'll also remember forever her first steps at ten months.  Three toddling strides before crashing.  But with gritty resolve she picked herself up to try again.  Within minutes there were ten steps without effort.

I love the way she stands in a doorway to goad me into chasing and tickling her.  Her coos and giggling are medicine to my soul.

Sadly, at eleven months she had figured out that it is quicker to walk around Daddy than climb over him.  It was a great four months being an obstacle in her little journeys.

These little achievements are mere acts, manifestations of the little person she is.  This determined, spirited, fearless and infectious girl has stolen my heart.  She possesses these qualities that we all wish our children to have as adults; attributes that, unfortunately, make toddlerdom a hard road for parents.  But I won't complain, I wouldn't have it any other way.

To my precious Squeakmonster, as a one-year-old you believe you can do anything, and you try so hard to do it all. As you grow older I hope you realise that there is nothing you can't do.  If you can dream it and apply yourself, you will succeed.  Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Never let anyone put you in a box. Never imprison yourself with small-minded thinking. Question everything, think freely and, above all, live fearlessly.

That special moment between father and daughter
before being poked in the eye
Do not fear to love with your entire being.  Every relationship is unique and yours to sculpt. Never let anybody tell you who or how to love.  Cherish your family and friends.  Respect everyone, be mindful and maintain your integrity, always.

Never stop learning, about the universe and yourself.  Do not kid yourself, know your motives.  The hardest person to be honest with yourself.  The hardest person to know is yourself.

Congratulations on making it through the first and longest year of your life.  You won't remember one moment of it but it is etched indelibly in my mind. Though you are your own person, we are inextricably tangled together.  I love you, little girl.

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