Friday, 24 August 2012

Music and Laughter

My kids love it when I play songs for them on the guitar. They are, possibly, the only two people on this planet who do.  When I ask other people to make a request, I usually get asked if I can play "On a Hill Far Away."


Kids love music.  They also love being right.  The most fun I have had with music and the kids is deliberately singing songs wrong.  A really good example of this is Old MacDonald.  Get the kids to choose each animal and when it comes time to make the animal noises, DO IT WRONG. Quack instead of moo.  Roar instead of squeak.  Oink instead of neigh.

They will be in hysterics, especially if there is more than one kid present.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Face on Your Eggs

These were ejected from our chickens' bums.
What is it with kids? They happily eat one food for years then suddenly decide they don't like it. And no amount of rational discussion can convince them that they still actually love that food.

But, as the saying goes, you can't use a rational argument to convince someone of a position they didn't enter into rationally.

Enter egg people. Characters so adorable you just want to eat them...if you are four years old, that is. The Little Dude was bursting to eat the egg men, and pig, and unholy blood-sucking butcher of the night.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Crazy, funny t-shirts

I'd like to thank Shirt Happened for their support. I told them I'd give them a plug, so please get on over to this great site for the latest crazy, funny, t-shirt designs. I've even added a few suggestions that they've turned into shirts so I was pretty chuffed to see that happen ... or should I say shirt happened?!

Anyhoo, I glad I got through this post without making a typo on their name. I do try to keep things clean.

Also check out Living or Dead for the latest celebrity deaths and birthdays.

 death and culture
celebrity death and culture

Friday, 3 August 2012

Tarte Tatin

Oh Tarte Tatin, how do I love thee.  Or do I just love the idea of you.

Tarte Tatin is a rather simple dessert, from France, that I love everything about, except I can't eat much of it.  It is too rich, but I still seem to be in love with making it, eating a bit of it, then refusing to finish it. But perhaps your sweet teeth are more vigilant than mine.

The short history of Tarte Tatin is that it was a mistake.  Two sisters, the Tatin sisters, ran a hotel.  One of the sisters started making an apple pie but left the apples cooking in the butter and sugar too long.  Rather than start over, she cleverly threw a sheet of puff pastry over the pan and put it in the oven to finish baking.  She turned it out, upside-down, on a serving tray and all the guests loved it. And because of her bumbling incompetence/genius, we now have the world famous Tarte Tatin.