Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Having a Hoot

I think the Little Dude has a crush on a girl at kindergarten, we'll call her Hoot on account of her saucer eyes, much like an owl.  Hoot is a lovely, spirited, forthright and happy little girl. They hang out at kindy and play together all day, and the Little Dude quite often talks about her at home.

Last week,the Little Dude said to me "when will you tell Hoot's mummy where our house is so she can bring Hoot over to play?"  I told him that I'd talk to her on Monday, when I see her next at kindy.

And I did.  We arranged for a Thursday play date.

On Monday afternoon I picked the Little Dude up from kindy. Once we were in the car he demanded "did you talk to Hoot's mummy?"  I told him I had.  "Are we going home now?"  I told him we were.  "Will Hoot be there when we get home?"  I told him he had to wait three more days, that she will be coming over on Thursday.
Clean up your own damn mess

On Wednesday morning the Little Dude informs me, over breakfast, that "we have to clean this place up!"  I asked him why.  "So that Hoot will consider it a nice enough place to want to come back to!"

Ouch! Scathing commentary on my housekeeping!  The irony is that the mess is predominantly the product his and Squeaker's combined destructive forces BEFORE BREAKFAST!

On Wednesday afternoon he told me that he'll be going to bed 15 minutes early so he can get up before Mummy and Daddy in case Hoot was already here when he wakes up.  Has he given her a key?

So Thursday came and so did Hoot, for a few hours of solid playing.  It was great and the Little Dude was more than happy. As was Hoot.

I did happen to witness one innocent incident.  The Little Dude was climbing the slippery slide, slipped awkwardly, toppled over the side, and, I gather, crunched his nards on the side rails whilst in free fall.  Hoot asked if he was all right and he proceeded to show her where he hurt himself.  At least this time we weren't in public for the indecent exposure.

But you know it all went well when the guest refuses to go home because they are having so much fun.  It was very sweet to see the Little Dude having a ball with a special little friend, especially one you, as a parent, are more than happy to have come over and play with your child.

I eagerly await t he nagging for the next play date, and the accompanying critique on my housekeeping. Not!

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