Monday, 29 October 2012

Energy Levels and Timing

A great place for a nap
I am writing this post while tired, more tired than usual that is, as an experiment to see how much it affects my performance.  I won't be editing it, or touching it up, so please enjoy the kinda fits in with the post's content.


When the Little Dude was about two, we were at the park with a good little mate of his, who we'll call the A-train, and his mum, the Ringmistress (if you want a great sewing blog to inspire you, check hers out).

For every step the Little Dude took, the A-train chugged about 100.  The Ringmistress covered some miles that day while the Little Dude and I were pretty chilled.

The Ringmistress commented that it must be great having a kid with even energy levels, punctuating the statement with a small sine wave drawn in the air, compared to a kid with energy spikes and plunges, gesticulated with wild sawtooth waves painted up in my face.