Friday, 29 March 2013

On Clear Thinking and Circumcision

The other day I was talking to a mum, and I don't know how or why, but we were talking about circumcising our kids.

I'm not going to go into the vast arguments for/against genital mutilation of our little boys and girls, but would like to walk you through this particular case of astounding (non-)thinking.

She said that they circumcised their boy because they didn't want him to be different from daddy, who is obviously circumcised (well, not obviously, I haven't seen it, just drawing a conclusion).

So, in my head, the problem reads:
If Junior's penis looks different from Daddy's, we will have to explain a taboo subject about penises and circumcision, and why his penis looks different.
And the options are:

  1. Have a conversation with Junior and explain circumcision, and why he wasn't circumcised; or
  2. Permanently and irreparably mutilate his genitals.
The benefit of option #1 is the little kid doesn't have the form and function of his penis permanently altered.

The benefit of option #2 is that the parents don't have to have an awkward (in their mind) conversation with their child.

The obvious choice to them is #2: no cost to the parent. That five minutes of awkwardness certainly outweighs the lifetime of disfigurement incurred by the child.

Taboos be damned! Learn how to talk to your kids. If you can't talk to them about little things like this when they are young children, how are you ever going to handle conversations of greater gravity when they are teenagers and adults?

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Thursday, 7 March 2013


Fun is fun, no reason needed.
Yes, it has been a while since I spilled the beans on my kids and my alleged parenting! My creative juices have been bubbling over on other projects and poor little Bloggy has been left to starve.

But now Bloggy will be soiled and stained with this: the inaugural post for 2013!


All kids love games. They can find a game in just about anything. It doesn't even need to be that interesting (in an adult's eyes). They just love them and snuffle them out, like truffles, at will. A man with a delicious, juicy brain, Bertrand Russell, praises this in his small book Conquest of Happiness: 
"The pleasures of childhood should in the main, be such as the child extracts from his environment by means of some effort and imagination."
So here are three games that have been invented in the Sleepy household that you may like to try. The first one is educational, the second makes a parent's life easier and the third is just plain, old-fashioned fun.