Thursday, 7 March 2013


Fun is fun, no reason needed.
Yes, it has been a while since I spilled the beans on my kids and my alleged parenting! My creative juices have been bubbling over on other projects and poor little Bloggy has been left to starve.

But now Bloggy will be soiled and stained with this: the inaugural post for 2013!


All kids love games. They can find a game in just about anything. It doesn't even need to be that interesting (in an adult's eyes). They just love them and snuffle them out, like truffles, at will. A man with a delicious, juicy brain, Bertrand Russell, praises this in his small book Conquest of Happiness: 
"The pleasures of childhood should in the main, be such as the child extracts from his environment by means of some effort and imagination."
So here are three games that have been invented in the Sleepy household that you may like to try. The first one is educational, the second makes a parent's life easier and the third is just plain, old-fashioned fun.

An educational game I played with the Little Dude was called Pickles. Who doesn't like pickles? (hint: nobody!)

The game was created to teach the Little Dude what a sentence is. I couldn't give him a dictionary definition because he was still learning the syntax of our language. At the end of each spoken sentence, I would say the word "pickles" and encouraged him to do likewise. This way he could easily identify the limits of a sentence and build the pattern into his head.

It took a few sessions but he got a hold of it. And now he's five, with Walkie Talkies, saying "over" after each transmission is a cinch.

Bun Snapping
After their baths, the kids like to do a nudie run through the house. This is so much fun that it is impossible to get them into pajamas.

Kids can find games anywhere.
Bun Snapping was invented to get them dressed for bed. They run the length of the hallway and if they get a little pat on the bottom (a bun snap!) on the way through, they have to put on an item of clothing.

There have been some inventive techniques devised by the children to circumvent a snapping, including pressing their butts against the wall or running with a pillow held fast to their derrières.

After a few laps of the hallway - very giggly laps - they are fully dressed for bed.

Stop Daddy Dancing
This game has no pretense other than fun. And the title probably gives the gist of the game away.

I'll put on some music and start dancing, on the rug, in the family room. The kids have to stop me dancing through any means available. I can't leave the mat or I lose by going out-of-bounds. If they can stop me dancing before the song ends, they win. If I manage to keep a finger waggling, a foot shuffling or hips gyrating, I win.

This game usually ends in me being mauled by two delightful little children clambering about my person to stop a finger wiggle or head bobbing.

Do you have any weird little games unique to your family?

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